5 best manga series you should know

Comic is a friend, is indispensable spiritual nourishment of many people at the age of childhood. Comics have grown up with me, we have experienced childhood, there are still monitoring each number, each time it habit to adulthood. Many comic book fans ready to sleep waiting for their favorite parts of the new comic.

  1. Naruto

Naruto is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated Masashi Kishimoto, have been adapted into movies and there. Uzumaki Naruto is the protagonist, a teenage noisy, hyperactive ninja always trying to protect their own, to raise awareness, to become Naruto – ninja village leader, everyone respected. Finally, after he has lost a lot of effort and achieve his wish. Naruto manga title is appreciated, “responsibility” and sacrifice, to make work more profound, life is a little dangerous ninja pressure. The story is also a lot of humor and characters typical anonymous unique personality.


  1. Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball series described above, the Monkey King’s journey from childhood to adulthood by learning martial arts master class times and to explore the world, from Dragon hunt Dragon Ball treaty. Throughout the Monkey King’s journey, he met a lot of friends from the treaty and oppose the use of the dragon to conquer the world sinister.

It was almost comic legend for many ages around the world. Dragon Ball also making online game development in the world of the world in general a very hot topic, especially antagonistic action game in Japan in particular. The plot is compelling, author and iconic classic imaginative Monkey seems to readers endless vitality. The story has been issued more than 230 million copies worldwide.

  1. One Piece

Piece for young author Eiichiro Oda talk Luffy journey Comics – straw hat pirates captain and teammates. Luffy looking Uncharted storage greatest wealth Piece, which aims to become the pirate king Tan world.


One Piece is a series in the entire history of the highest sales in the Japanese magazine Weekly Shonen Jump is the first comic to increase its sales in 11 years. 2015 OF Eiichiro Oda One Piece manga, and in the Guinness Book of Records recognized as the single author Comics has been printed by the majority of the world countries

  1. Doraemon

A dream is related to the name of the author duo Fujiko A Dream Japanese cartoon robot cat from the 22nd century to aid Nobita named after a clumsy fourth-grade boys. A dream stories are often short, straightforward, witty and optimistic about the future life brings and the development of science – technology.

Doraemon is not only a popular manga that it is considered as a work to have a positive impact on many aspects of Japanese children and the countries in the world.

  1. Conan

Closing is the author Gosho Aoyama comedy thriller. Workaround detective Conan Edogawa story revolves around students under investigation, once the member organizations hacked start drinking poison causes the body to shrink and become Edogawa Conan. Japan is one of the longest comic, but never reduce heat Conan readers are always looking forward to each episode of the comic, recently, the comic world’s most popular topic will be the Conan will be revealed?

The fans of manga stories were satisfied with the list, if impressive or particularly liked a certain series, you can comment suggested for people.

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