Adding curb appeal to your home will increase its value in many ways. It will certainly increase the monetary value, but it will also allow you to appreciate it as a wonderful place to live. Follow these three simple steps in order to instantly improve the exterior of your house today.

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Make Necessary Repairs

The first step is to repair anything that needs fixed. Stand in front of your house and look at it as though you are a first time visitor. Are there loose shutters, torn screens, broken windows, or other items in need of repair? Make a list of everything you see. This is also the time to inspect the roof and gutters for damage. Replace missing shingles and broken down spouts.


Painting the exterior of your house will make it look fresh and clean. Painting can be as simple as touching up the trim to completely changing the color of the siding. Be sure to scrape and repaint any areas where the current paint is peeling or bare wood is showing. What you do beyond that is personal preference. You can reapaint doors, trim, and shutters in a new color for something different if you like, or simply stick to improving what already exists.


By landscaping the area around your home, you will make it look warm and inviting. Ask the professionals at your local garden center for ideas. They can recommend shrubs, flowers, and trees that are best suited to your yard as well as give you suggestions on exactly where to plant everything. Use the outdoor lighting orlando businesses like Lightstyle offer to accent walkways and add interest after the sun goes down.

By doing any necessary repairs, painting, and sprucing up the landscape, your home will gain curb appeal instantly. Not only will the value of your property increase, but you will enjoy coming home at the end of each day to a beautiful house.