6 Advantages of the Maca Root for Women’s Health Maca root vegetable also known as Peruvian ginseng has been used by the indigenous Andean people for several years as a natural remedy for various ailments.Just recently, scientists have discovered the numerous health benefits of this herb.The benefits of this ancient herb for both men and women can no longer be overlooked, and many people are incorporating it into their diet.These are some of these essential benefits of the maca root for women’s health. Combats Infertility Many women are increasingly having to deal with infertility in their marriages.It is nowadays advisable to use natural remedies to cure infertility, as opposed to manufactured prescriptive drugs.Research has shown that the maca root is able to increase fertility in animals. Females who constantly consumed the maca root were found to have an increased secretion of the serum luteinizing hormone in the pituitary gland.This hormone is commonly associated with fertility. Improves Sexual Performance It has been known for many centuries that the maca root is a powerful natural aphrodisiac.The use of maca root together with essential minerals like zinc, iodine and essential fatty acids has been shown to improve one’s mood as well as maintain the balance of the various sexual hormones.These two benefits ends up improving a woman’s sexual desire and consequently, performance in the bedroom.
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Enhances Energy Production Essential minerals, vitamins, protein and essential fatty acids are some of the nutrients contained in this natural herb.Enhanced energy production, as well as quick recovery from injury, are the benefits associated with these nutrients.This makes the herb popular with athletes.Frequent use of this herb in substantial amounts by women can also ensure that they enjoy these benefits as well.
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Lightens the Mood Use of the maca root enhances and lifts the mood by promoting general brain health, research has shown.Improvement of rational thinking and cognitive skills, as well as ability to stabilize analytical skills are the functions of the omega-3 fatty acids found I the maca root.As a result, the herb is recommended for holistic wellness because it alleviates depression, anxiety and stress. Reduces Symptoms of Menopause Due to its high concentration of nutrients and phytochemicals, it is used in hormone replacement therapy to balance hormones in women who are experiencing menopause.Menopause women who undertook hormone therapy on maca root were found to enjoy significant relief from symptoms such as sleep disruptions, depression, hot flashes and night sweats, that are normally associated with menopause. Maintains Bone Density Maintaining bone density is usually hard for many women as they grow older.Osteoporosis can be reduced by a diet incorporating maca root. These benefits go a long way in showing that incorporation of this important herb into your daily routine will generally improve your well being and keep many of the common ailments at bay.