Any lottery players also want to win Jacpot Mega when they play toto 4d malaysia, but they need to have a good and effective strategy to conquer that target. According to many research which showed that the most fundamental thing helping you become winners is that you know how to predict 4d toto lucky numbers and apply them in choosing a suitable number which is have possibility to lie in the list of winning prize of the draw.

The questions is put that what methods I am able to utilize to implement this essential step. This writing will show you the effective solutions to collect the most powerful digits for the winning position in lottery and they will lead you to be a Jacpot Mega winner.

4d lucky number

  • Calculate your lucky number from your date of birth

How to calculate accurately your toto 4d lucky number from your birthday? I will reveal an amazing way to know your fortune number based on the numbers in your birthday. First you are going to plus the last 2 numbers of your birthday each other to have the first sum. Then, you will plus all the numbers of the first sum assessed from your date of birth to get the second sum. Next, if you are male, you will have your lucky number by eliminating the second sum by 10 to get result. But if you are female, you will use the second sum to plus with 5 to have result, then plus the numbers in that results together to receive your fortune number.

The above method is rather simple, but effective and anyone can implement in case they do have much ideas for numbers to bet on them as playing toto 4d lottery. Write down and keep in mind this secret to take advantage of it anytime you need.

  • Follow 4d past result to update new fortunate numbers

Each lottery online sites often allows you to check magnum 4d past result to know your winning or losing, but for above all, you need to know finding for win from it. The lottery experts claim that the percentage of players who use 4d result history to discover lucky numbers will have higher winning probability than any other methods. More importantly, the winning numbers of Jackpot Mega often have a close relationship with winning ones from the past draw. That is reason why you should not miss this step in the way of conquering the win.

4d toto result today

Nowadays, by your computer or any devices with Internet connection, you are possible to follow and update the latest 4d winning numbers from the previous result rapidly and easily. Therefore, do not forget to apply this tips as a key to help you get Jackpot Mega prize in the shortest time.

In summary, the advice for you to become a winner is that you had better utilize toto 4d lucky numbers to raise your chance. Besides, you also need to apply other solutions to expand you win.


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