When it comes to making your condo more energy efficient, it’s the small changes that can make a big difference. If you want to save on your energy consumption in your condo, there are all sorts of practical measures that you can take to live greener.

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Insulating Your Windows

If your windows aren’t insulated properly, this allows cool air to come in during the winter months, not to mention letting cool air get out throughout the summer. Taking time to change this one minor issue can have a surprising effect on your energy efficiency. There are various products on the market, like a window insulator kit that you can purchase to tackle the problem first-hand (make sure to read the instructions thoroughly before getting started). You should also consider sealing your doors too. Make sure to have an inspection around your condo, so you can make note of any windows or doors that need sealing.

Using Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

The type of light bulbs you use in your condo can play a massive part in how much energy you use on a daily basis. LED and CFL light bulbs are not only more efficient in terms of energy, but they also last longer than a traditional lightbulb, not to forget they shine brighter too. There are several other benefits you will get when using LED or CFL light bulbs, the first being that you will save money on your utility bills. As these types of light bulbs last longer, this means you won’t have to keep replacing them as fast as you would with an incandescent bulb.

When to Heat Your Condo

It can be easy to forget to switch off the heating when you head out and about. It goes without saying, the longer you leave your heating on, the heftier the cost. Heating your condo when nobody’s home will end up burning a hole in your pocket, so why not purchase a smart thermostat? That way, you can adjust the temperature of your condo based on how you are using it. If your condo has swimming facilities, be sure to contact HVAC engineers who will be able to guide you on ways to make your swimming pool more energy efficient.

Air-Drying Clothes

Leaving your clothes out to dry in the air rather than relying on a dryer can be a great way to make your condo more energy efficient. Simply purchase a drying rack (or even make your own DIY clothing rail) to allow your clothes to dry overnight. Another great reason to air dry your belongings is that it will leave each room in your condo smelling fresh and breezy. If you must use your dryer, try and refrain from using it too frequently to help with your energy consumption.

Taking small steps can see a huge difference in how much energy you use in your condo. Simply insulating your windows, avoiding heating your condo when no one is home, as well as sealing windows and doors can make a big difference and see your condo being more energy efficient.