The purchase of a timeshare might seem like a great idea at the time, but buyers regret and a change in life circumstances can make it seem more of a burden. It can prove useful to use the talents of an experienced lawyer to get out of a timeshare contract.

The Obligations of an Unwanted Timeshare

Getting out of a timeshare is not as easy as it looks at times. It can be difficult to find a buyer if it is a relatively unheard of and unpopular location. Until you can find a buyer or a way out of the contract you are responsible to pay the expected maintenance fees and other agreed upon dues.

Finding a Legal Way to Terminate a Timeshare Contract

You can use the expertise of an attorney to seek out a weakness in the contract that allows for termination. You will not make any money on the timeshare, but you will no longer be obligated and legally bound to pay the annual fees, mortgage payment, and more.

Deed and Document Location

Do not despair if you have lost all of your ownership documents. A professional timeshare transfer service has experts available that can access records of ownership. All necessary records can be retrieved to move forward with the removal of your name from the deed.

Is Your Timeshare Eligible?

Not every timeshare is eligible for this type of service. You should check with the transfer service of choice to make sure that your property qualifies. Most maintain an updated list of properties that do not work with timeshare termination services. If yours happens to be one of these, you will have to return to trying to sell the timeshare.

It can seem frustrating to feel locked into a timeshare that you never use. It is made worse when it seems no one is interested in purchasing. A timeshare transfer service can help you get out from under the legal obligation.