Buying foreclosed properties can be a good investment if you understand how to play your cards proper. Tuesday’s transfer was part of a national day of action focusing on the problem of foreclosures and marking the start of Occupy Wall Street’s Occupy Our Homes campaign. To do this, make sure your agent has recent experience helping people purchase foreclosed properties.

In a 2009 survey, just one-quarter of house patrons stated they’d contemplate shopping for a foreclosed property, based on the Nationwide Association of Realtors Today, it is greater than two-thirds. The foreclosed homes are principally the ones that get repossessed by the financial establishments involved when the debtors fail to make repayments.

Consumers of actual property are most focused on purchasing foreclosed properties for sale but they should hold some factors in mind before initiating the acquisition course of as it includes enormous money. The buying course of is usually sluggish, which could spur second thoughts within the minds of consumers, while heavy demand for attractive foreclosed properties would possibly push some hopeful purchasers away.

Financial institutions sometimes wish to rid themselves of foreclosed properties promptly (for an inexpensive worth, in fact – they must answer to traders and auditors that they made every try and recoup as a lot of the original mortgage amount as attainable).

As for whether shopping for a foreclosed home is or is not socialism, that is a trickier question, partly as a result of there isn’t any single definition of what socialism” is. You might argue that by doing business with a bank, you’re playing an element in their capitalist recreation.